About Us

Having worked at News International for 8 years in a vibrant and changing environment, it was apparent how technology was really starting to change the industry in terms of information dissemination and day to day business efficiency.

This was the inspiration to learn about computers.  I initially learnt to program on IBM’s AS/400 business platform and my baptism into the work of computer focused business solutions started.

After several years experience in the world of SAP, Feedwire Ltd was born, to provide a small niche consultancy and resource pool to address a market gap.

Today’s business landscape demands responsive, flexible processes. Feedwire consultants have a range of skills that  can help you re-wire your supply chain and finance services.  We are not aiming to be a large market player with an offshore model, but we do want to provide services and tools centric to SAP products and complimentary solutions.

Whether you need some short term additional resource, on site or remote, or just a simple utility to address an immediate challenge we welcome your interest and look forward to partnering with your and your organisation.